If you are in option period, we understand your time is limited.

We make it convenient for when you’re in a crunch and need a quick foundation check.

does the foundation need repair?

Do not rely on the opinion of someone who may be out to sell you something.

The value to having us as your foundation inspector:

Our information and advice is independent and unbiased.

We do not sell anything so there is no pressure to buy anything.

No conflict of interest.

We provide guidance on the performance and condition of the foundation.


Most foundations do not actually need foundation repair; however, they do need to be managed. Being educated on how to maintain your foundation is the first step in avoiding costly foundation repair.

We explain the interaction between the soil around your home and the foundation.

We teach you ways to minimize foundation movement.

We show you how to protect and manage your foundation.


If our inspection reveals the foundation may benefit from repair, an estimate is e-mailed within 24-hours.

This provides peace of mind and allows you to confidently move forward.

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